What asset is more valuable than your health?


Tea At Taxexity

Your opportunity to show your expertise and generosity in an interview which gets posted on YouTube. Learn more

Learn About Life

Explore the four actuarial insurable risks you face in a private session with an actuary. Learn more

Get A Checkup

Describe your symptoms and answer some questions. Afterwards, we'll do analysis and prepare insurance options for your next visit. Learn more

Fill Your Prescription

Complete the paperwork for your insurance protection. Learn more


Taxevity focuses exclusively on life and health insurance. Where possible, Taxevity gives unpaid referrals to pre-screened experts in other areas such as investments, employee benefits and financial planning.


Taxevity serves entrepreneurs, families and donors who are healthy, wealthy and wise. Note that "wealthy" (definition) is measured by more than your bank balance.


At the Taxevity Insurance Advisory, there's no premium for peace of mind.

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