Personal Compass

Education provokes deeper questions.
Specialization creates better outcomes.
Independence brings objectivity.
Transparence builds trust.
Preparation provides protection.

Where are you heading?

You are irreplaceable. How well do you protect yourself?

Taxevity safeguards the economic value of human beings with life and health insurance in Etobicoke.

Learn what you like

If you find the world of life and health insurance murky or confusing, relax. We help you understand. You'll find extensive general education online, including hundreds of blog posts and dozens of videos — all free. We provide personalized help too.



Get peace of mind

The world of insurance is the world of risk and the domain of the actuary. Our team includes one who designed products and helped advisors sell them. Those insider insights now help you instead.

Go beyond

You may need services we don't provide, such as investing better and updating your will. We still help by guiding you to independent experts we've carefully pre-screened for you. We won't abandon you either. Start by forecasting your future. That's where you'll discover areas needing more attention.