Who are the people who serve you?

A look at the architects.


Promod Sharma | Actuary | FSA, FCIA

416-938-3711 | moc.ytivexat|sp#moc.ytivexat|sp

Promod ("pro-MODE") has devoted his life to insurance. After apprenticing to become an actuary, he designed products sold across the country and assisted the leading advisors who sold them. During this process, he decided to focus on helping the public directly. He started the Riscario wiki in 2006 and the Riscario Insider blog in 2007. The requests for personal attention grew and lead to the creation of Taxevity in 2009.

Promod has volunteered with various not-for-profit organizations:



Jeevan Sharma | Manager of Client Services

416-570-2365 | moc.ytivexat|sj#moc.ytivexat|sj

Jeevan is in the process of becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He prepares projections, market scans and customized spreadsheets to help you understand your options. In addition, he's adept at video and Taxevity has over 100. Jeevan did the directing, recording, editing, rendering and posting to our channel at youtube.com/taxevity.



Taxevity collaborates with other carefully-selected experts to offer you related products and related services. When you forecast your future, we often discover help you need outside our scope.