Where can you get answers to questions about insurance?

Ask an actuary who designed life/health insurance products and helped advisors sell them.

If you have clients with questions about their insurance, you can refer them to Taxevity or have us do work on your behalf as part of your team.

If you are an expert like a

  • true fee-only financial planner
  • accountant
  • estate lawyer
  • investment advisor

You will encounter clients with life or health insurance. How good is their coverage? What gaps are there? What are the best options today?

You can offer your clients additional services by sending those questions to Taxevity.


  • add value
  • leverage your time
  • expand your team without fixed costs

White Label

We do the work on your behalf. You specify what you want and send us the relevant information. You include our findings in your report.

We don't see your clients and they don't see us. For additional privacy, you can hide their names and contact information in the information you send us.

Charge: $200/hour plus HST

Implement Your Recommendations

In your work (e.g., a financial plan), you may uncover a need for insurance. You can send your client to us to buy insurance. Since you have already determined the amount and need, the process is quick.

We will review your recommendation and inform you of other possible options. We will explore the market and make recommendations for coverage. Your client meets with us to complete the application for insurance. We deliver the policy when approved. You are informed of the status throughout.

What good is a recommendation which is not implemented?