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If you'd like to have a general chat or discuss specific questions, we can. You receive instant confirmation by email. You can make easily make changes or cancel later if your schedule requires.



Chat At Taxevity

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We can also use more tools, including a whiteboard, computer and screen. We can have tea together too.

Meetings have a buffer in case you arrive early or want to stay longer.



Chat With Video

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You use your preferred screen (computer, tablet or smartphone) to see our shared screen showing documents, running apps and taking notes. You can't match that with a phone call.

Note: you choose whether to talk through your webcam or by phone. You do not need to appear on camera.



Chat By Phone

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The least personal option. Audio quality is inconsistent, especially when using mobile phones. Since much of communication is visual, please pick another format if you can.

Another Way?

If you would prefer another way to chat, please contact a team member directly and make a suggestion. We're here to help.