What do you want to know about health and wealth?

Real people give real answers to real questions.

The Clarity newsletter gives you insights into two of the most important topics in our lives: health and wealth. The questions and answers come from real people — fellow readers.

There are three goals:

  1. Valuable for subscribers
  2. Convenient for contributors
  3. Practical to manage

The newsletter is currently under development and will change based on feedback from the community of readers. Your input is welcome.

Question Of The Month

Each issue has a theme to which you can contribute in advance. Please help by thinking of the questions you want answered. Here are possibilities:

  1. The only exercise/habit I ever stuck with (and how)
  2. The best breakfast
  3. How your thinking affects your health
  4. How to really lose weight and gain health
  5. Lessons from how your grandparents lived
  6. A holistic approach to health
  7. How to get a good night's sleep
  8. Tips and tricks to stay on track
  9. How to cleanse your body inside and out
  10. The value of grounding
  11. Lessons from walking groups, community health groups
  12. Thoughts about vaccination
  13. What do you wish you knew about health 10 years ago?
  14. What do you wish you knew about money 10 years ago?
  15. What's the most important lesson you learned about health/wealth?
  16. How do you pamper yourself in a way that's healthy and frugal?


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By contributing, you're helping others and also getting recognition. You don't need to be an official expert since you're sharing your own personal experiences. The value of your message comes from your authentic voice. You're under no obligation to contribute content regularly or at all.

The Format

  • length: 15-200 words
  • topics: health or wealth (broadly defined)
  • content: valuable to readers (not self-promotional)
  • source: your personal experiences (write in the first person)
  • exclusive: not expressed in this format elsewhere (you can reuse your content)
  • original: (may include links to articles, videos)
  • licence: Creative Commons, shareable with attribution
  • language and topics: suitable for a general audience

The Process

  1. You're invited to contribute an article for next month along with
    • your name
    • your email address (won't be published)
    • your mobile number (won't be published)
    • how readers can reach you: e.g., website, LinkedIn profile, email address
    • your title, tagline or how you make the world better (e.g., "retired", "author of Book Title", "transferring financial risks with insurance")
  2. You contribute your content on a webpage
  3. Contributions are reviewed and edited (without back/forth with contributors)
  4. The selected contributions get included in a future edition of Clarity

Survey Questions

  1. What unanswered questions do you have about
    • health?
    • wealth?
  2. What have you learned that you'd like to share about
    • health?
    • wealth?
  1. What would make Clarity valuable to you?
  2. What would encourage you to share Clarity with others?
  3. What would you like to see in a newsletter that you don't see now?
  4. How often would you like to contribute content?
  5. What's the ideal frequency? weekly, every two weeks, monthly
  6. What else would you like to say?