How can we help each other?

Let's explore ways where 1+1=3 in a business development meeting.

Helping each other starts with understanding what each of us does.

Your Preparation

For an optimal meeting, please prepare:

  • Gather examples of your current work
  • Print a handout showing the products and services you offer (for giving prospects)
  • Think of answers to the questions for the meeting

Our Meeting

Your Current Situation
  1. What is the question to which the answer is you?
  2. Who is your typical client?
  3. How do you find your clients?
  4. What does your typical work look like? (show examples)
  5. What works well for you?
  6. What sets you apart?
Your Objectives
  1. Who do you want as your typical client?
  2. What do you want to change?
  3. What would help you?
  4. How do you want to be introduced to prospects?
Working Together
  1. How do you want to be introduced to my connections?
  2. How do you introduce Taxevity to your connections currently?
  3. What would entice you to introduce Taxevity to more of your connections?

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