Do you personally own life insurance you no longer need?

Find out what your coverage is worth and consider a new home.

Your term or permanent life insurance is a valuable asset you could

  • transfer to your corporation
  • donate to a charity
  • sell (note: permitted in some provinces but not Ontario)

About The Fair Market Value

Your life insurance policy has a value. The Fair Market Value may be higher than the Cash Surrender Value, especially if your health has deteriorated.

Find out more about Fair Market Value calculations in this interview with Gordon Lang of GBL Inc.

The Cost

An estimate from GBL Inc is usually free. Depending on the results, you pay a fee to get an official report.

Taxevity can guide you through the process

  • gather information from you
  • submit the information
  • interpret the results
  • answer your questions

Our fee is $300+HST (free for clients).

Your Next Step

To proceed or find out more, simply contact us.