Do you have enough money for a secure retirement?

Forecast your future now while you have time to shape tomorrow.

A Retirement Forecast helps you celebrate your life after work with a quick, dynamic look at your financial future. Your baseline takes mere minutes to create using minimal inputs (the "80/20" rule). We then examine the "what if" scenarios you'd like to explore. This may identify risks you can transfer with insurance. We start with what's most important — your goals and objectives.

The Inputs

At a high level, a baseline retirement forecast requires very little information:

  • your goals: income of $__ starting at age __ and lasting for __ years
  • what you have now: assets of $__
  • how much you're saving: $__ a year until retirement and earning __% a year
  • external factors: investment returns, inflation and taxes

Accuracy isn't essential — or achievable — because we cannot predict the future.

To save time, we've eliminated irrelevant questions such as your address and spouse's email address. Because we're not budgeting, there's no need to look at your grocery receipts, phone bills or vacation spending. The result is a quick, non-intrusive process.

The Outcomes

You get options to consider, whether your forecast is sunny or cloudy.


"What If" Scenarios

We can't predict the future but can examine different scenarios such as

  • what if inflation rates double?
  • what if you or your spouse live to age 100?
  • what if your investments earn 1% more?

You choose and see the revised forecasts instantly. This helps you gauge how resilient your financial future looks. You may find you're fine. You may find you want to prepare better now, while you can.

The Cost

This service is currently free.

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