Are you on the safe road during your golden years?

Transfer your financial risks with life and health insurance

Planning for your golden years means having strategies for:

  • where you'll live
  • how you'll stay healthy
  • how you'll pay
  • what you'll give as your legacy

The cash from life and health insurance helps protect you and your plans.

Video Overviews

The role of insurance in the last quarter of life

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Case Study: Long Term Care insurance

Life Insurance: An Under-Used Tax Shelter

Why Taxevity?

Financial literacy remains a problem and insurance literacy is largely ignored. To help you make better decisions, your Taxevity Team provides free ongoing education about the financial risks which life and health insurance transfer. You'll find the Riscario Insider blog and the Taxevity YouTube channel. Here we provide private, personal guidance to you.

The Process

Taxevity specializes in Actuarial Insurance Reviews which examine the four financial risks that insurance can transfer:

  1. Disability Risk: what happens to your income if you can't work due to illness or injury?
  2. Morbidity Risk: what happens to your expenses if you have a dreaded disease like cancer, heart attack or a stroke?
  3. Longevity Risk: if you can't look after yourself, who will?
  4. Mortality Risk: what is your life worth to those who depend on you?

Your Fees

You are not charged for the insurance expertise you receive. If you qualify for insurance and purchase the protection, then the insurer pays compensation directly to Taxevity.

Getting Started

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