If you can't take care of yourself, who will look after you? What if they can't?

Get cash to help cover the costs of your long term care (good for spouses and parents too).

Four ways to pay

There are four ways to deal with the costs of long term care:

  1. Public insurance: rely on the government
  2. Self-insurance: pay out-of-pocket
  3. Permanent life insurance
  4. Long term care insurance

Each option has pros and cons. A combination often works best.

What long term care insurance covers

Long Term Care insurance typically provides money for you to use as you wish if you're unable to

  • unable to perform two more Activities of Daily Living (e.g., eating, bathing)
  • unable to take care of yourself due to mental incapacity (e.g., dementia, including Alzheimer's)

Some plans index benefits and give your money back if you don't have a claim.

More information

What if you already have critical illness insurance?

Some critical illness plans include benefits for long term care. There are pros/cons.

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