What do you want to know about the recordings?

Get answers to common questions about volunteering to appear on Why Insurance Matters.

Do I Qualify?

You qualify if

  • you have a true personal story about insurance where the asset is a human life (e.g., annuities, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance)
  • you're sharing your story in the spirit of a public service announcement (education not self-promotion)

As thanks, your name is shown on the video thumbnail and title slide. Your contact information is shown at the end of the video.

If you're interested but unsure, please send an email to moc.ytivexat|ofni#moc.ytivexat|ofni or use the form below:

Your name
Your email address
Your proposed story

Getting Ready

How do I prepare?

Think about your story. What's essential? What can you leave out? What action do you want viewers to take? The target story length is 2-5 minutes.

If you're not comfortable with cameras, practice in front of a mirror or people who care about you.

What can't I say?

We ask that you

  • use G-rated language
  • leave out names of people and companies (whether good or bad)
How do I dress?

A video camera sees differently than the human eye. Here are suggestions:

During The Recording

How do I start my talk?

You decide. Volunteers tend to say something like

Hi. I'm [name]. Here's my story …

What if I'm nervous?

Our process helps you feel comfortable. We first chat over tea. You practice your story and get feedback to hone your message.

You'll be talking directly to the camera on a tripod. Pretend you're talking to an attentive one-eyed robot with three legs.

If you're not happy with the result, you can re-record your message.

After Your Recording

When will my video be ready?

Videos are generally ready within a 1-2 weeks.

Where will the video be available?

The video will be accessible from different places

Your video will most likely be watched by people you invite to watch and others who are interested in the topic.

How can I use the video?

Since your video goes on YouTube, you can embed it (e.g., on your website and LinkedIn profile). You can share links via email, newsletters and your social networks. The more you do, the more people you help.

How is the video licensed?
The video is licensed under Creative Commons with Attributionoutlinks.gif. This means that others can use the content as long as they give credit.

What's the cost?

There's no charge. You donate your time and we donate our resources.

Your Next Step

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