How long will you live?

We don't know but can get estimates for people like us.

Retirement planning gets complex because you don't know long you'll need income. The calculations are more complex if you have a spouse. The implications are more serious if you don't have a defined benefit pension plan

Here are calculators of life expectancy for Canadians. Since each is different, try more than one. You'll get a better understanding of the factors that affect how long people live.

Project Big Life

This is a friendly calculator using data for Ontario. Supporters include universities, hospitals and Public Health Ontario. You can compare yourself against others too. Questions include how many times you eat carrots each week. You can also get an estimate of how many days you could spend in hospital.

This calculator is a good starting point. The inputs are simple and the output shows percentiles. (on

This calculator asks numerous simple questions. In exchange, you get a report with tips for better living.

Sun Life

This friendly calculator shows the probability of someone like you living to your 50th and 75th percentiles.

There's another version with more precision.

This calculator asks different questions, including use of seatbelts. The result is a colour-coded table.

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