Who are you?

You'll likely find we serve clients who are similar to you.

Your Taxevity team uses the same proven processes for everyone. There are adjustments tailored to specific groups and then specifically to you.

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You may belong to more than one group. Start by thinking about who or what you want to protect.

  • doctors
  • dentists
  • families
  • family enterprises (intended to pass to the next generation)
  • incorporated professionals
  • medical professionals
  • small business owners (incorporated businesses)
  • students in university

Find your group

  1. Are you incorporated?
    • Use corporate dollars to
      • pay for life insurance
      • save for retirement (e.g., PPP)
      • cover medical expenses (PHSP)
  2. Do you have retained earnings in your professional corporation or small business?
    • Use insurance to
      • protect your family
      • protect your business
      • plan for taxes (including use of the Capital Dividend Account)
  3. Are you about to graduate?
    • Prepare for post-graduation by getting disability insurance at discounted rates now
  4. Do you own a cottage or recreational property?
    • Consider life insurance to
      • pay for the capital gains
      • prefund maintenance costs
      • provide cash to family members who won't be using the property