What if you face surprise medical expenses while traveling?

Explore travel insurance with no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions.

With CustomCare Travel Insurance, you get

  1. Money
    • high limits: $1,000,000 per person per claim
    • coverage for pre-existing medical conditions: no exclusions
    • full payment: no deductibles
    • medical expenses guaranteed or advanced to the service provider
  2. Flexibility
    • unlimited trips: up to 45 days each time
    • worldwide coverage: once you leave your province of residence
  3. Support
    • referrals to doctors, pharmacists and hospitals
    • transportation home or to another medical facility

Note: Products change. Simplified for readability. You'll find more details in the Travel & Catastrophic Medical brochure (PDF).

Note: this protection is combined with Catastrophic Medical coverage and only available with a Benefits My Way PHSP.