What if you could get medical care weeks or months earlier?

Get guaranteed access to commonly-consulted medical specialists within 21 days.

You or a family member go to your doctor with a problems and get referred to a specialist. You could wait months and months for your appointment. During this time, you face anxiety and discomfort. Your condition could worsen. You may be patient, but what if your child needs treatment?

How Long Are Waiting Times Now?

You can likely see your family doctor quickly. The big wait is to see a specialist. There may also be a wait been the diagnosis by the specialist and surgery (if required).

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) compares treatment benchmarks with actual wait times. Here are the 2014 findings for Ontario:

Treatment Benchmark Within Range Outside Range
Hip Fracture Repair 48 hours 84% 16%
Radiation Therapy 28 days 99% 1%
Cataract 112 days 81% 19%
Hip Replacement 182 days 88% 12%
Knee Replacement 182 days 86% 14%

Jump The Queue With CustomCare

With CustomCare Diagnostic and Specialist Access Insurance, you're guaranteed access these specialists within 21 days of getting a referral from your family doctor:

  1. Cardiology
  2. Ear, Note & Throat
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. General Surgery
  5. Neurology
  6. Ophthalmology
  7. Orthopedics
  8. Rheumatalogy
  9. Spine Team
  10. Urology

Besides access, the insurance pays for the specialist, MRIs and CT Scans. There's no deductible or co-payment. The payments are made directly (you don't pay first and then request reimbursement). The lifetime maximum benefit is $1,000,000 USD.

You qualify without medical questions, underwriting or evidence of insurability. Pre-existing conditions are covered after coverage has been in place for 24 consecutive months.

Note: Products change. Simplified for readability. You'll find more details in the Wait List Coverage brochure (PDF).

Note: this protection is only available with a Benefits My Way PHSP.