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  1. Why do I need insurance?
  2. Should I buy life insurance first?
  3. Should I buy alumni life insurance?
  4. How can I access the money in my life insurance policy?
  5. What role does insurance play in the last quarter of my life?
  6. Should I buy life insurance on my kids?
  7. How Much Does $5,000/month Of Long Term Care Insurance Cost For A Female Age 58?
  8. What's The Best Way To Get $500,000 Of Life Insurance For 30 Years For A Male Age 34?
  9. The Four Actuarial Risks (from IAFP Symposium 2015)
  10. What Are The Four Sources of Insurance?
  11. An Under-Used Tax Shelter (Life Insurance)
  12. How Do You Prepare for the 2017 Tax Rules for Life Insurance?
  13. How Do You Prepare for the 2017 Tax Rules for Corporately-Owned Life Insurance?
  14. How Do You Make Your Life Insurance Premiums Tax-Deductible?
  15. Is Manulife Vitality right for you?

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