We're surrounded by risk — precisely what an actuary measures and manages. Successful entrepreneurs and wealthy families now have access to the same solid principles that large organizations employ worldwide.


Taxevity specializes in taming the financial risks of

  • living too long (longevity)
  • dying too soon (mortality)
  • paying too much tax (taxevity)

How? Often with the overlooked, misunderstood and under-used tax advantages of life insurance. (There are two other financial risks: losing income (disability) and losing health (morbidity). These are a lower focus).

What The Wealthy Do

Learn about proven strategies that wealthy Canadians use from these free resources

Market Better

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As you explore, feel free to contact Taxevity with questions, suggestions or to arrange a private consultation.

If you're an advisor, charity or association, would you like to partner with Taxevity to help your clients, donors or members? Terrific. Let's chat over Tea At Taxevity.

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