When will my video be ready?

Videos are typically processed in the order recorded and ready within a 1-2 weeks. In special situations, the publication may be delayed (e.g., an interview about back-to-school tips would not be popular in June).

What if I don't like the results?

You might not like the way you look on camera but you're probably fine. We take reasonable care to create high quality video and won't post anything that doesn't meet our standards (which improve over time). Our goal is to help you. If you truly don't like the result, we will remove your video. Before asking, please have ask several people what they think.

How can I use the video?

Since your interview goes on YouTube, you can embed it on your website and LinkedIn. You can share links via email, newsletters and your social networks.

Where will the video be available?

The video will be accessible from different places