Where can I see past interviews?

You'll find all the videos on YouTube. The most recent interviews show how the interviews have evolved.

What's the ideal topic for my interview?

The ideal topic shows your generosity and expertise by being

  • valuable: viewers benefit from watching
  • scarce: content that's difficult to find elsewhere
  • engaging: viewers can leave any moment

Some advance preparation will help you think of the key points you want to make and the questions you want to be asked. The actual interview will differ because we don't work from a tight script.

Can I get the questions in advance?

Since the interview is a real conversation, the questions aren't known in advance. We develop them together when you're here. They might change as we talk. Having an overall structure ensures the content is valuable. Allowing for spontaneity keeps the audience engaged. Because the interview isn't broadcast live, we can re-record segments if required.

What if I don't have a topic in mind?

That's fine. We'll figure out what's suitable when we meet. You might find this is the most enjoyable and magical part of the process (1+1 > 2).

How long is the interview?

The target interview length is 10-15 minutes. We spend an hour together preparing before recording.

What if I'm nervous?

Don't be. We film in an authentic, common environment instead of a strange, artificial studio. We take time to prepare before recording begins. You're having a conversation that happens to be filmed. You don't look at the cameras directly. The recording is edited to remove flubs. You'll be fine.

Who will watch?

Your video will most likely be watched by people who know you, have interest in the topic or subscribe to the channel. See how previous videos have performed. The audience grows with each new video. Past videos continue to get viewed.

Why are the interviews at your studio?

Video recording is better in a quiet, controlled environment with proper lighting. We have that setup without gimmicks like green screens or annoyances like lavalier (clip-on) microphones.

How is the video licensed?

The video is licensed under Creative Commons with Attributionoutlinks.gif. This means that others can use the content as long as they give credit. This is a way to get more recognition.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. You can watch previous interviews before deciding to participate.

What's the cost?

Your video is our gift to you as thanks for your time. Your video is a gift to viewers. Help by encouraging them to watch.