How would you like to meet?

Select the format you prefer and then pick a time. You will receive instant confirmation by text message and email. You will receive a reminder 24 hours in advance. You can make changes anytime you want.


Chat At Taxevity

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The most effective option.

We can also use more tools, including a whiteboard, computer and screen. We can have tea together too.


Chat With Video

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The most efficient option.

No travel is required. We use cloud-based video conferencing. We can look at a shared agenda, websites and whatever is visible on the screen on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Note: You do not need a webcam or microphone since we can still talk by phone.


Chat By Phone

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The most familiar option.

The least personal option. Audio quality is inconsistent, especially when using mobile phones. Since much of communication is visual, please pick another format if you can.

Another Way?

If you would prefer another way to chat, please contact a team member directly and make a suggestion.