Arrange A Chat

Get focused, personal attention in a private chat

Choose the date, time and format that suits you. You get an instant invitation for your calendar and reminders by email. You can easily make changes later if your schedule changes.

Chat At Our Office

★★★★★ MOST EFFECTIVE ★★★★★

Visit our office for use of more tools, including a whiteboard, computer and large screen. You're away from other distractions and have full privacy.

Meetings have a buffer since you may arrive early or want to stay longer.

SCHEDULE YOUR CHAT (during the Ontario state of emergency, let's chat by video or phone instead)

Chat With Video


Use your preferred screen (computer, tablet or smartphone) to see our shared screen showing documents, running apps. You talk through your device.

Use of your webcam is optional.


Chat By Phone


Making a phone call is an easy way to chat.

Since most communication is visual, you may find that another format is more personal and more effective.


After a chat, please help others by sharing your experience in a review on Google Maps.

If you can't find a suitable option, please contact us with your request.