Manulife Vitality

Save on life insurance by taking care of your most valuable asset — your health

Life insurance doesn't reward you for becoming healthier after you buy. The insurance company gets the savings from lower claims. With Manulife Vitality you share in the benefits with:

  • a free activity tracker, the Garmin Vivofit 3 or a discounted Apple Watch

  • a free annual health screening (optional)

  • points for healthy behaviour such as exercise and learning about health

  • rewards: discounts on your insurance premiums and from health-related retailers

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Manulife's Overview

Know Your Health

Right For You?

Tracking Your Activities

The Savings

Vitality Points and Rewards

How Old Are You Really?

Your biological age isn't the same as your risk-adjusted age. You may be younger or older. Find out your Vitality Age — and then come back here!

How Much Can You Save?

You'll find premiums at Manulife Rates To Go. To compare, select "Family Term with Vitality" and "Family Term". Is Manulife competitive with other companies? Request market scans tailored for you from your Taxevity team.

How It Works

You apply for the normal Manulife Family Term life insurance (brochure and sample contract). You have two options:

  1. Term 20: issues ages 18-60; renewable to age 80; convertible to Term 100 ("Term-Life"1) before age 75; no discounts after the 19th policy anniversary; can be exchanged for Term 65 on the first five policy anniversaries

  2. Term 65: issue ages 18-45; level premiums to age 65; convertible to Term 100 ("Term-Life") before age 65

The coverage amounts are $500,000 to $20,000,000 (discounts at $1,000,000 and $10,000,000).

The usual underwriting process takes place. Once approved, you get a discounted premium. Each year, your premium gets adjusted based on the points you earned.

Compared with Family Term, your initial premium for Family Term With Vitality is lower. Your premium will never be higher than Family Term, except for the monthly charge for the Vitality program. There is also a limit value that your premium can be discounted to if you maintain platinum status.

The Points

Note: Manulife can change the status requirements at any time without telling you

You start with the Gold discount in the year you buy and Bronze status. You get a welcome bonus of 1,500 points when you

  1. Register at, and

  2. Get your Vitality Age by completing your Vitality Health Review within the first 90 days of purchase

You keep the discount by earning Gold status each year. You could get further discounts if you're Platinum. You lose your discount if you're Silver or Bronze. The qualification period restarts each year.

You have many ways to earn points.

The Cost

Membership in Manulife Vitality costs $2/month and gives you instant discounts from participating companies like GoodLife Fitness (see the full list).

Your maximum premium is the normal undiscounted premium you would have paid without Vitality plus $2/month.

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