Medical and Travel Insurance

Do you have the right medical insurance?

Get protection with health, dental and travel insurance customized to your situation.

If you're self-employed, retired, or a traveler, you'll find gaps in the public health insurance in Ontario. There are many options to consider when bridging these gaps and your Taxevity team is here to help you with a range of products.

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If you are an incorporated professional or small business owner, consider a Health Spending Account.

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Health and Dental Insurance

Protect yourself and your family with coverage tailored to your situation.

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Travel Insurance

Make your next vacation is worry-free with protection for medical emergencies.

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Medical Insurance For Visitors

Visitors can protect themselves against the cost of medical emergencies in Canada.

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Travel Insurance For Students

Students don't need unexpected expenses when on a trip away from home.

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Note: For specifics on the coverage be sure to read your contract. To see a sample contract, contact us.

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