Health and Dental Insurance

How do you cover your health and dental expenses?

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses.

Taxevity provides coverage through Manulife for:

  • Individuals and Families

  • The self-employed

  • Those whose group benefits recently ended

Tip: If you want to bypass the delays and limitations in the Canadian healthcare system, consider priority healthcare insurance for quick treatment in the US.

(new) Some plans now give you access to the convenience of a virtual doctor.


FollowMe offers four guaranteed issue plans if you are leaving your group plan due to job loss or retirement.

This way your health and dental coverage is not interrupted.


FlexCare lets you tailor health and dental coverage to your specific needs with:

  • seven different plans (3 of which are guaranteed issue)

  • add-on benefits


You have a choice of eight different plans with options for

  • Dental with basic Health

  • Dental + Health (including prescription drugs)

Note: For specifics on the coverage be sure to read your contract. To see a sample contract, contact us.