Priority Healthcare Insurance

Get the best treatment quickly in the US or around the world

Get second opinions and treatment without waiting months in the Canadian public health system

Get the care you need fast when:

  1. You have a serious illness that requires a specialist visit, diagnostic procedure or treatment, and

  2. Your wait time in Canada is longer than 14 days.

Don't worry about the bills either. You can also get coverage for your family members. See what you get with triAccess Priority Healthcare insurance.

Care Coordinator

Global Excel️ pre-approves and coordinates your care. This includes:

  • arranging a second opinion (if you want one)

  • identifying top medical facilities in the US, Canada, and around the globe

  • booking your travel and accommodations

  • helping you make medical appointments

  • arranging your pre-admission

You have access to multilingual support 24/7.

Second Opinion

WorldCare gathers information about your illness from you and your physician(s). They then consult top-tier physicians around the world to formulate a second opinion that includes

  • a summary of the details of your conditions

  • additional information

  • recommendations for treatment

Note: you are not required to get a second opinion


RSA Insurance provides a lifetime benefit of $3,000,000 USD for:

  • Treatment arranged through Global Excel

  • Transportation to place of care (including ground ambulance and business class airfare)

    • also for a companion if your doctor certifies that you shouldn't travel alone

  • $250 USD per person per day (up to $2,500 USD per person) of expenses for meals and accommodation while seeking care

Note: You get access to the funding through your Care Coordinator.

Note: For specifics be sure to read your policy contract. For a specimen, contact us.

Arrange a chat

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Arrange a chat

For personal attention, arrange a chat.