Application Information

What you need to know for a smooth experience

Applications from some insurers ask more questions than others. It's better to be over-prepared. Even if the information doesn't come up during our meeting, it's good to have it ready if a paramedical exam is required (as it is in the majority of cases).

Information to have available:

  1. Any medical conditions you have, and, for each:
    • Date of diagnosis
    • Names of medication taken
      • Dosage
      • How long you've used each medication
      • How you responded to the medication
      • Any changes in medication taken, and why
    • Any dates you have missed work or been hospitalized due to the condition
    • Is the condition well managed (no complications)?
  2. Your height
  3. Your weight
  4. When the last time you used a tobacco, nicotine, or marijuana product was (if ever)
  5. Your doctor's name and clinic address and the reason for your latest visit