Proven ways to prepare for risks and plan for opportunities

Here are some strategies:

We may explore other strategies depending on your situation.

Uses of corporately-owned insurance

  1. Funding a buy/sell agreement

  2. Providing retirement income

  3. Protecting against the illness, disability of death of a key-person

  4. Extracting retained earnings tax-free via the Capital Dividend Account (CDA)

  5. Securing collateral for loans (which may make part of the premium tax-deductible)

Uses of personally-owned insurance

  1. Providing income for the family

  2. Repaying debts such as a mortgage

  3. Final expenses

  4. Estate equalization

  5. Prefunding taxes on the capital gain on the cottage

  6. Paying taxes and other expenses due at death

  7. Charitable giving

  8. Protection from creditors (when properly structured)

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